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A Fine Pair Of Framed Hogarth Charicatures Wilkes & Lovat Of Jacobite, Hellfire & George II Interest ..




A pair of antique line engravings after William Hogarth (1697-1764).
They are both caricatures, one of John Wilkes Esq, and the other Simon, Lord Lovat.
John Wilkes was a radical politician, Colonel of the Buckinghamshire militia and editor of a London newspaper called ‘The North Briton’.He and Hogarth had at one time been friends but fell out over politics. Wilkes then published a scathing attack on Hogarth, both as an individual and an artist.Hogarth was deeply hurt but his chance to retaliate came the following year when Wilkes was tried for the libel of George lll and Hogarth took the opportunity to sketch him in unflattering manner- though apparently even Wilkes allowed that there was a resemblance and in later years was heard to say ‘ that he every day grew more and more like his portrait by Hogarth’.The engraving was first published in 1763 and republished a number of times after.
Simon, Lord Lovat was a Scottish Jacobite known for his feuding.He had been a supporter of the House of Hanover but in 1745 changed sides and instead supported the Stuart claim to the Throne. He was amongst the defeated at the Battle of Culloden and was sentenced to death for treason.Hogarth was invited to meetand sketch Lovat as he was being brought to London and found him at the White Hart Inn in St Albans having his face shaved by a barber. It’s written that he kissed Hogarth in the French fashion thereby transferring many of his soapsuds to the artist’s face.Lovat was beheaded at Tower Hill and Hogarth’s portrait of him sitting is his chair numbering the Highland Clans on his fingers was immensely popular, making a large amount of money for Hogarth.First published in 1746 and republished many times after.
These two are often seen as companion pieces, as it thought that in his portrayal of Wilkes, Hogarth was consciously referring back to his portrait of Lovat, suggesting that Wilkes was deserving of the same fete.
These two prints are later, probably lateGeorge III reprints.Unfortunately I have not been able to identify the source but I would assume they were published as book plates. Both are in good condition with light age toning.Mounted and framed to match in black and gilt ‘Hogarth’ frames.
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Dimensions 0.4 × 9.8 × 12.6 in

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