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Book: A C Smith’s British And Roman Antiquities Of North Wiltshire




A fabulous second edition (Most of the first edition Press was consumed in a fire at the printers in Marlborough, Wiltshire) of A C Smith’s BRITISH AND ROMAN ANTIQUITIES OF NORTH WILTSHIRE which is simply one of the most astounding archaeological works of the 19th Century. It maps and investigates a huge swathe of the landscape around the famous Avebury Henge Stone circle. Extraordinary. All the maps and lots of prints and pictures. Condition is good with an his historically removed owners plate. Light foxing and minor rubs and wear concur with its age. There is a mid 20th Century Avebury Manor leaflet included which was clearly used as a book mark and which would be a shame to separate from this wonderful book.

Dimensions 2 × 11 × 15 in

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