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C19th Ansonia School Clock With Suggested Harrow School Connections.




We bought this striking Ansonia Clock with a number of Harrow School Victorian School Desks some 30 years ago. Harrow School had stacked dozens of the desks up and I purchased several (all sold long ago) from the Bursar. I also bought this clock. Alegedly it is ex-Harrow School although I have no provenance to prove that. It’s an Ansonia Clock with it’s original card face. It made a great office clock for many years. Circa 1883 made in New York after the New York factory had been rebuilt. The label clearly reads New York and as such, which puts the clock between 1883 and 1886. Certainly these clocks were used extensively in schools and railway stations so the Harrow School connection might fit although whether such a grand institution would use American clocks is something I have no knowledge of.
It has the addition it came with, an eye screw, which the key was tied to with a piece of string!
Works, strikes and case in nice condition. Ansonia trade mark to face.

Dimensions 4.7 × 16.5 × 16.5 in

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