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C19th Mirror Of Colonial Gilt Taste In Triangular Form




This is, to say the least, a statement piece! It has undergone a lot of restoration over the years and appears to have had bits and bobs added but instead of detracting from the whole it actually embeishes it. It’s quite magnifcent in it’s organic form and impressive in every way. The frame has a replacement mirror plate, a relplacement bottom rail and the gilt is very fresh in places yet clearly very period in others. The deer’s head has real antlers and the garlands of fruit and flowers are quite extraordinary. The condition it is in is how it came to us. We have examined it carefully and would say that whom so ever owned it must have spent an absolute fortune over the years. It’s certainly no wall flower! It came with – we were told – two original metal brackets and three large mirror plates.
From the carving to the bottom rail and the gilt both factors suggest it could be C19th Colonial Indian, although we are unsure of the provenance, we do know that it sepnt the last few decades in the west country.
It is, we stress, in the condition that it came in and has not been treacled by the trade.

Dimensions 11 × 76 × 50 in

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