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London Aquitinto Print “City Sportsmen” St Paul’s In The Background. Enclosure Act Humour?




Very characterful City Sportsman print in Country House condition with green mount and gilt frame. Designed by W.Mason and published by Bull & Jeffryes of No. 18 Ludgate Hill.
Hunting scene of huge London interest believed to be showing Greenwich due to the proximity of St Paul’s. We just love the dogs and geese! The fox is clearly going to escape as the dogs haven’t a clue and the city chaos are wonderfully bumbling! Most amusing! Before the Prince Regent quit the racing scene in 1807, his racing stud farm cost him an estimated 30,000 pounds a year. The less wealthy, however, could still enjoy equine sport through presence fox hunting.Thoroughbred hunters might also be seen in the hunt field, farmers also rode their heavier draft horses, such as the Suffolk Punch, and children might well be mounted upon handy Welsh Cobs or Welsh Ponies.The hunt field was where skill mattered more than social position, and even a man in trade, such as Gunter, the confectioner who ran the famous London shop which sold ices, could ride next to lords–and a few ladies, too.
Fox hunting season took place between November and March.

Dimensions 0.8 × 32.9 × 23.6 in

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