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Polychrome Camel And Riders Reputed To Be Prince Dhola & Princess Maru Of Large Proportions




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Huge fun in every way and exceptionally decorative this carved camel with riders, of wonderful detail exhibits sublime muted colours. Possibly Rajahstani. This wonderful carving portrays the love story of Narwar prince Dhola and Poogal princess Maru. The couple were married but the father of Dhola, king Nal died and forgot the marriage and married again to Malwani. Many messages were sent from Maru to Dhola but none we’re delivered.
A group of folk singers from Poogal visited Narwar and Dhola learned about his first wife Maru. Now there comes a lot of hurdles from Malwani and Umar Sumar but he arrived at Poogal and Dhola and Maru were united at last.
In return journey, Maru is bitten by a snake and in sorrow Dhola decides to burn himself as ‘male sati’. But he was save by some yogi and yogini who claimed that they could bring Maru back to life. They played their musical instruments and brought back Maru to life. Umar Sumar again tried to kill Dhola, but however they escaped from there riding back on the wonderful flying camel and the couple along with Malwani lived happily ever after.
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Dimensions 36.2 × 10.2 × 36.2 in

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