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Three Staffordshire Pottery King Charles Dogs




Two Staffordshire flat-backs and a Sadler Burslem Staffordshire flat-back with glass eyes with caramel “slip” colouring.
First King Charles Staffordshire: 39cm x 32cm x 15cm (Condition is good, some very minor firing cracks as usual, gilt rubbed slightly, colours good). Deliciously warm old English white.
Second smaller King Charles Staffordshire: 32cm x 26cm x 13cm (Condition is good, colours are slightly rubbed) Deliciously warm old English white.
Third Sadler Burslem King Charles Staffordshire:
36cm x 28cm x 12cm (Condition is “As found” which means there are cracks as shown. The dog is beautiful and complete but suffered an impact crack we were told during WW2. With glass eyes and fabulous features he works incredibly well with his friends).

Dimensions 5.9 × 12.6 × 15.4 in

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