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Waterloo Interest French Satyrical Print (1815) By P. A. Wille




Perhaps poking fun at the old regime following Napolean’s defeat at Waterloo, this interesting hand coloured print by P. A. Wille. 1815 it was entered in the Bibliographie de France for the 19th August, 1815 just two months after Waterloo. Titled “Les anciens de college a la promenade.”
Less than 30 years since the French Revolution of 1789 this is an important and rare satyr with one of these prints in the British Museum. It clearly comes from a France that hasseen the carnage of Napolean and the Guillotine. Dressed in the foppish spleandour of Louis XVI’s excessses.
There is an element of decoupage to thsi print, the characters have been very carefully cut out and pasted onto another sheet to give them an almost three dimensional appearance. This was clearly undertaken in the 19th century, possibly as a display?
1815 saw the Borubon Restoration in France which must have seemed initially to suggest a very topsy turvey world to the majority of the French populace.

Dimensions 0.4 × 12.2 × 15.4 in

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